About Us

Ask Answers is a Bengoly Question and Answers community in Bangladesh where a user can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community. Even anybody can ask questions anonymously to get answers from the members of this community free.

Here there are many categories to ask questions for getting solution instantly and totally free.

The users of this forum or community have opportunity to earn money by asking and answering questions per month. Here the users are paid on Bkash, Nagad, Rocket or mobile recharge in Bangladeshi currency if they can earn targeted points monthly.

Here anybody can be registered member free and take part in earning money with a button or feature phone, android phone, tablet,  laptop and PC.
If any one is not willing to earn money, he/she can spend leisure by gathering knowledge. Even the registered members can chat with other members by messaging system like facebook.

Here the important personal  information like email and phone no of the registered users are kept secret and nobody can watch or get that information to harass  or bother the users personally. So the users are safe in this community.

If still you have any question about Ask Answers community you can contact directly in email through

[email protected]
or visit